Seedcamp Calling Turkish Entrepreneurs

Emre has a post announcing that Seedcamp is coming to Turkey.  This is great news for Turkish entrepreneurs, because where Seedcamp operates is precisely the zone in the Turkish capital universe with a vacuum.  From Emre’s post, my interpretation is that the Seedcamp team is not actually visiting Turkey but has indicated that they are interested in seeing Turkish ventures.  I was not able to find any Turkey-specific details on the Seedcamp website.

What is Seedcamp?

Seedcamp is an attempt to jumpstart the entrepreneurial community in
Europe by putting the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs
in front of a top-tier network of company builders; including seed
investors, serial entrepreneurs, product designers, architecture
experts, HR specialists, marketers, lawyers, recruiters, and venture

Why is this important?

Europe has the necessary ingredients to build the world’s next
generation of leading technology companies; talent, capital, ideas, and
examples of success; but what it lacks is the tradition of
entrepreneurialism. This makes it hard for young entrepreneurs to
secure funding, develop the right connections and build teams. Seedcamp
is directly addressing these challenges by bringing together
entrepreneurs from all over Europe and exposing them to the collective
experience of people who can help turn their grand visions into
successful businesses.

What is Seedcamp looking for?

A strong team of at least two people who have a creative idea and
the energy and commitment to execute. The teams do not need years of
experience; in fact, Seedcamp would most benefit first-time
entrepreneurs with early, seed-stage ideas. Ideas should leverage the
Internet and not have previously been funded. For a full list of
selection criteria, visit the website:


  • Seedcamp is currently accepting applications:
  • Deadline is August 12, 2007
  • Top 20 teams will be chosen and invited to Seedcamp Week in London
  • Seedcamp Week takes place from September 3 – 7, 2007
  • The top five teams will be chosen to receive €50,000 and continued support from the Seedcamp network

I would highly recommend it to any new Turkish internet venture.

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