Digital Music in Turkey

The Turkish blog world is abuzz with the move by Turk Telekom (the Turkish broadband semi-monopoly) to offer unlimited Turkish music downloads to broadband subscribers.

The move is interesting in that it may provide a solution to the messy Turkish online music market.  All digital rights to Turkish music has so far been held hostage by MUYAP (Turkish ASCAP), who had built a service infrastructure and has been requiring any player to guarantee a $400K/year royalties.  So far, two companies had decided to pay this and sales have been dismal.

The right thing to do for TTNet (Turk Telekom’s broadband subsidiary) would be to launch this new service as a platform, with extensive APIs.  There are a number of exciting applications looking to add value in this area and now it looks like a monopoly’s controlling their destiny.

2 thoughts on “Digital Music in Turkey

  1. This should be great news, but unfortunately, TTNET (as all other similar Telekom companies in Turkey) is far from understanding how important “branding” is in this arena. They do not seem like having a branding strategy at all.
    Their company name is technical and ugly enough for the end user (TTNet, pronounced something like TAEH-TAEH-NET), and they are planning to distribute those free songs as a new brand under this name.
    This is going to be a baby born injured.


  2. If every user knows your brand ( no matter how ugly is ), is pronouncing really important ?
    ok i know, if your name good you have more chance but the community already know “TTNet” brand and TTNet taking advantage of this.


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