Heads Hanging on Wall St.

I am a big fan of the dotted headshots (they call them "hedcuts") of The Wall Street Journal.  I’ve always assumed that they are pretty standard – that once the WSJ has created one for a business figure, it kept using the same image.

Well, apparently not.  Columbia Journalism Review reports that the hedcuts have been changing, with examples that show the change – reflecting a more somber mood in line with the market’s woes. (via SAI)



One thought on “Heads Hanging on Wall St.

  1. they got a new engraver, but you know, i start to use people whose engraved portraits are in the wsj as examples of a mindless kind of greed, and the media coronation of the gods of the religion of business
    it soon will be embarrassing to have appeared there, their achievements are often based on greed


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