Meaningful Testing

You have an idea.  Will it work?  The easiest way to find out is to give it a shot.  Too expensive?  Then, prototype it.  Create a simpler (read: cheaper) version and see if your potential users (or customers) will utilize it the way you hypothesize.

This is usually the advice I give to entrepreneurs if I am meeting them at the business idea stage.  However, as Tim Levine of points out in his post at Inside Facebook, this could be a tricky approach.

The most common mistake in A/B testing is not running enough ‘trials.’
The second is running too many. The latter risks wasting potentially
more productive opportunities, but the former is far worse because you
risk managing by noise. How wasteful it would be to invest in a
redesign because of a difference that might just be from random

Many internet ventures in Turkey depend on, and make assumptions regarding, CPC advertising.  Turkish entrepreneurs should find the example Tim gives in his post useful.

3 thoughts on “Meaningful Testing

  1. Hi Cem,
    So how your measure the success of an idea?
    And how many trails should I try to test my idea ,I m new to the internet business in Turkey I have started in Turkey about 1 month ago I got around 4000 register user and about 200 companies , so do have some statistics that can tell me if my idea will success so I can keep going with the idea or do I stop ?


  2. Testing results should only provide one perspective. I think the healthiest approach is taking multiple perspectives. The point is overly relying on what a test resuly indicates.


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