Facebook: Leading or Following?

Readers of this blog know that I am a big fan of Facebook.  FB has truly changed the way a lot of people manage their relationships and share information.

What's been unique about FB is that they approached their business as a technology company, as opposed to a media company.  They identified the potential problems and tackled them through technology solutions.  They imagined the "newsfeed" and that has now been the default approach to online representation of people's lives.

Now there's news that Facebook is preparing to implement a Friend-feed like presence representation tool.  What I don't like about this is the lack of innovation involved.  So far, FB has broken new ground in every area they'd touched.  I wonder if the company's size is beginning to effect their innovaton.  Google had passed through these post start-up staged without comprimising its technology DNA.  I hope FB is able to do the same.

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