Turkey has 7th Largest and Most Engaged Online Audience in Europe

Anyone watching the Turkish internet market would not be surprised by this press release from comScore today. 

“The online population of Turkey far surpasses the rest of Europe in
terms of time spent and content consumed per person,” said Mike Read,
SVP and managing director, comScore Europe. “Much of this heavy
engagement is driven by usage of social networking and entertainment
media sites, which maintain users’ attention for extended periods of
time. There are certainly excellent digital marketing and advertising
opportunities in reaching these 17 million Internet users who are so
engaged with the medium.”

Turkey's sheer size is a factor here but old media's lack of innovation will continue to drive the young masses online, just as Facebook demonstrated.  Monetization of this massive level of engagement is not mature yet, but will follow.

This is an exciting day for Turkish internet.

PS:  Congratulations to our portfolio company, GittiGidiyor, for its placement in the Top 15 properties list.

2 thoughts on “Turkey has 7th Largest and Most Engaged Online Audience in Europe

  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing. This is not reflected in online ad market though, which shows very different figures. Here are some numbers from 2008:
    Norway: NOK mn 4,611.7
    Denmark: DKr mn 2,761.5
    United Kingdom: £ mn 2,606.8
    Sweden: SEK mn 2,130.1
    France: € mn 870.7
    Germany: € mn 692.7
    Spain: € mn 443.2
    Italy: € mn 272.4
    Netherlands: € mn 197.2
    Belgium: € mn 107.2
    Switzerland: CHF mn 67.2
    Finland: € mn 67.0
    Austria: € mn 52.5
    Turkey: YTL mn 44.9
    Ireland: € mn 37.0
    Portugal: € mn 8.7
    Greece: € mn –
    Iceland: ISK mn –
    Source: Online Adspend – Euromonitor International from World Association of Newspapers / Jupiter research
    I am not sure whether these numbers show the complete picture but they clearly make the point.
    Having an engaged online audience is great but at least one leg of that picture is still crippled.


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