What’s Wrong with Twitter that Kids won’t Use It?

Caroline McCarthy of CNET reports:

While 99 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds have profiles on social
networks, only 22 percent use Twitter, according to a new survey from
Pace University and the Participatory Media Network.

This is very interesting to me and I can not figure it out.  Is Twitter just a simple status updater for those who are not fully comfortable with Facebook?  Should it be a feature?

3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Twitter that Kids won’t Use It?

  1. I’d be interested to know how frequently 18-24 year olds update their Facebook status, compared with Twitter’s core (older) users. If it’s much more frequently, then it would seem the 18-24 cohort believes their “followers” are their FB friends and they don’t need a whole new way of accumulating, and communicating with, their followers. Hence, no role for Twitter.


  2. Well I’m 21. I agree with Andy. It took me years to get in contact with my friends on Facebook and Myspace. Why would I want to update Twitter’s status when I can just do it on the other sites with my friends? From what I’ve seen, people on Twitter update their status too often and it annoys me. Someday it might catch on, but I know right now that seems to be the point of view of people my age.


  3. I pretty much agree with the other two comments. You can do on Facebook what you can on twitter, but on Facebook you can do more like control who sees it. Twitters just stalking made easy…


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