Practical Dreamers

I was at a meeting this morning where the notion of "Practical Dreamers" came up.  It was proposed that practical dreamers, when they are 100% committed, become extraordinary leaders.

I think this is particularly true for entrepreneurs.  Dreaming is the first requirement; revolutionary ideas are products of creative thinking and dreaming.  But you need to be practical.  If you possess both abilities, then you add 100% commitment and the combination becomes a recipe for success.

I know this sounds a bit cliche and obvious.  But it made me think about the entrepreneurial successes I have witnessesd in my career and without a single exception, they each had all three elements.

One thought on “Practical Dreamers

  1. “Dreaming” is the first step which fosters “creativity” and “positive thinking”. Positive thinking may be the fourth element. Dreaming is the enabler of other elements. Everything is created twice. First in the mind, then in reality.
    In my brief article with the topic “Establishing a successful start-up” I had written my personal experience about entrepreneurship and the first item was “Dream of the future”.
    An entreprenuer shoud be open-minded to seize opportunites and committed to cope with the problems and obstacles. In order to accomplish this one has to be positive which is reflected directly from dreams.
    By the way, for those who want to be inspired for further thinking about the aspects dreaming I recommend The School of Gods by Stefano D’Anna.


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