Sequels and Startup Clones

I was just browsing Google Zeitgeist 2011, and noticed that 7 out of top 10 movie searches in Turkey were sequels.  I thought, "ah, shame on the Turks, for not rewarding originality".  Then I made my way to the list top grossing movies globally, and immediately apologized from my fellow Turks: All but two of the global list are sequels. In fact, the top seven are all sequels!

Thinking of this phenomenon reminded to a popular topic in internet ventures.  In our industry, adaptation of successful, proven business models, in new markets or verticals is often scorned.  Entrepreneurs are chastised for their lack of originality and innovation.

I think there's a key difference between sequels and internet clones.  Film is a creative industry.  Formulaic churning of unoriginal content in a creative industry may very well be a strategic business choice by content companies, and while it may make business sense, it certainly erodes value from the "creative" industry.

In my opinion, internet businesses have no obligation to be creative.  Their objective is value creation: preferably, defensible, sustainable, "thick" value.  There may be a thousand eBay clones around the world, but if each marketplace is reducing commercial friction among buyers and sellers, then each of the one thousand  clones is creating value.

Anyway, food for thought…

Here's the sappy Google Zeitgeist clip:


Practical Dreamers

I was at a meeting this morning where the notion of "Practical Dreamers" came up.  It was proposed that practical dreamers, when they are 100% committed, become extraordinary leaders.

I think this is particularly true for entrepreneurs.  Dreaming is the first requirement; revolutionary ideas are products of creative thinking and dreaming.  But you need to be practical.  If you possess both abilities, then you add 100% commitment and the combination becomes a recipe for success.

I know this sounds a bit cliche and obvious.  But it made me think about the entrepreneurial successes I have witnessesd in my career and without a single exception, they each had all three elements.