A Players

The success of any startup, in my opinion, hinges on the quality of the team.  This is a statement I can make very comfortably.  The trick is gauging the quality.  That's usually tough, especially since, as a VC, we get to have relatively little time to spend with the team.  So I find myself looking for clues in spotting a great team.

My friend Auren has a great post on the common traits of A players.  To summarize, A players tend to:

  • Be Relentlessly Resourceful
  • Work Around Rules Encourage Mediocrity – So you have to avoid those who try to box them in through these types of rules
  • Good at Getting Back to People 
  • Show up Early vs Late
  • Be Founders of Something
  • Follow-up
  • Work harder and smarter

Of course, this is not meant to be exhaustive or exclusive.  But, I view my job to be centered around spotting the right talent, more than anything else.  And I know Auren is very good at attracting great players around him. So I think this list is very helpful.

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