Censorship Firefox Extension

I just came across an app called Sorumlu Vatandaş (I refuse to link to them).  It's a Firefox extension that makes it easier for Turkish internet users to flag a site and notify the Turkish authorities so that site can be examined, and if found inappropriate, access blocked at the ISP level.

I find it deplorable that the internet community in Turkey is working to make censorship easier.  I also find  the graphic they have chosen to represent the "responsible citizen" ("sorumlu vatandaş" in English) quite funny. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Censorship Firefox Extension

  1. “Sayın muhbir vatandaş, sen bu yurdun çürümesinin başlangıcıydın ve sonu olacaksın.
    Senin bol bol işlediğin yerde, hangi toplum olursa olsun, bir düşmanlıklar kargaşası çıkar.
    Sayın muhbir vatandaş, sen bir ölçüsün.
    Senin bir toplumda ölçülerden biri olman, yıkımdır.
    Sen oyunların en korkuncusun.”
    Yasar Kemal


  2. In addition to the totally absurd reasoning behind the addon, I’m really curious where the reported data is sent to and who is behind this app. whois data doesn’t reveal much information.


  3. Well, in recent times whenever I read the word VATANDAS somewhere it has to do either with censorship, or with someone threatens me for legal action for some obscure reason…
    Last, but not least, is the issue of xenophobia, that unfortunately, looms large in today’s society.
    Here we are discussing social media, based on sharing and openness and on the other hand we have an add-on designed to snitch. I wonder if we are heading in the right direction…


  4. Thankfully, the extension is not hosted by Mozilla and so Firefox prevents the site from automatically installing the extension (it asks you to allow it).
    The extension sends reports to the website at ihbarhatti.meb.gov.tr (Ministry of National Education Warning Line) using the name “Ali Dibo” if none is entered.
    Join the Facebook Cause to Stop Internet Censorship in Turkey at apps.facebook.com/causes/111960?recruiter_id=13516199


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