Twitter Spawning 50K Apps

By now it's obvious that much of Twitter's value comes from its platform characteristics.  I can not think of another company that better embodies the spirit of connectedness in 2009.  But, hearing that 50,000 registered applications to date have been built using Twitter APIs, is still mindboggling.

It's also the evidence of Twitter's openness that powers its growth.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Spawning 50K Apps

  1. Cem,
    you’re right, twitter perfectly embodies the spirit of Web2.0: Syndication, mashability, openness; it’s the data, not the interface.
    “It’s the data, not the interface!” (@timoreilly in “Why I Love Twitter”
    ReadWriteWeb: The web isn’t about pages any more. Now it’s about streams, feeds and syndication … via @rww


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