Blogging Intensity and Fragmentation

On the heels of my post on why I blog, comes the updated VC blog rankings from Larry Cheng (I'm a N/A rated, dismal number 51!), and a good post by David Hornik on a tendency he identifies:

For years, my every thought became a VentureBlog post. But I have to
admit, over time, my focus turned elsewhere. I spoke at events,
podcast, taught, started The Lobby conference, and worked hard to help
my portfolio companies thrive. And, along the way, my blog suffered.
Fewer things in my daily life called out for commentary. And
VentureBlog began to languish.

I realize my blogging has suffered in frequency recently.  For me, this is largely due to changes in the way I communicate my professional thoughts.  Back in 2005, SortiPreneur used to be the sole channel I used to do this. However, now I use Facebook to broadcast to my friends and Twitter to reach my professional community.  When you add the fact that a Tweet takes a fraction of the effort a blog post takes,  I find myself asking whether a thought deserves a full blog post everytime I think about sharing it.

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