Istanbul on the VC Map

Nubridgevetureslogo There are two very important events that will take place in Istanbul over the next couple of weeks. 

First is the NuBridge Angel Summit, organized by my friend Pamir Gelenbe, who's a London-based VC of Turkish origin.  The event brings to Istanbul a group of world-class angel investors, including:

I am also participating in the event, which will take place on January 14 & 15.  It should provide an excellent venue for Turkish internet ventures looking for angel backing.

The second event is the NuBridge Istanbul VC Summit, scheduled for January 21 & 22, which we're proud to sponsor as GHV.  I think this event will be an important milestone in the development path of the Turkish Venture Capital industry.  The event's format will resemble that of the European Tech Tour Association's events, in that a group of top-tier VCs from around the world will get a chance to meet a select group of Turkish internet and technology companies.  You can find a list of participants at the event's website and Çağlar Erol's blog (in Turkish).

I am especially excited to have a few of our GHV portfolio companies (, beFunky, Yogurtistan), as well as a personal investment of mine (, presenting.

If you are interested in being associated with either event, please contact Pamir through the event website, although I understand that attendance will be extremely tight due to space constraints.

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