Facebook Home: Less Utility, More Ads

Facebook-home-660x481So, Home is here. Facebook is coming out with a smartphone and it sits squarely at the center of the company's vision. The service is moving from a web application and service DNA to an OS DNA.  Considering how the connected world is moving away from central devices (PC, Laptop) to edge devices (phone, tablet, nike fit, withings), this makes a ton of sense.

However, I find it unfortunate and dangerous that this is happening with the two leaders of the movement (Google and Facebook) as public companies, with quarterly earnings targets.

The future is one that the Net (or the connected world) is constantly with us.  That is a given. Previously, only your phone was with you and it was part of a relatively dumb telco infrastructure. Now, the Net is aware of every single move.  

I am not a privacy activist (although I appreciate their work).  I generally would not mind the above issue, if it is helping my life in meaningful ways, the way that early Facebook was about utility.  But now it's about advertising.  And, I am afraid that this hyper-awareness will result in an increased invasion of capitalism in our lives.

I was expecting more utility from Facebook with it's critical mobile move.

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