iPad First Impressions

I got a chance to play around with an iPad yesterday.  I wanted to record my first  impressions, to see if (or rather, how) they will change over time.

  • The screen is awesome.
  • The gestures are a bit more natural for me than the iPhone.
  • It really is a large iTouch.  But "large" makes a huge difference.
  • I wish it were kindle-light.  Not sure that it's as good a substitute for an e-reader.  However, if I'm traveling, I'll probably just grab one device, and naturally, it's the iPad.
  • The lack of a camera is a non-issue, at least in the first version.
  • I recently had a conversation about the differentiated advertising paradigm on an iPad.  I am now more convinced of it.  There will be new ways to advertise/interact with the audience on pads.
  • I wish it were open.  Would speed up development and foster creativity.

I remain convinced that it's a giant leap in UI and user experience.