How to Think About Your VC

I am reading Jeff Bussgang's book and came across a great quote.  If you are an entrepreneur talking to a bunch of VCs and trying to make sense of the process, or trying to decide if you can be partners with that guy across the table from you, I don't think you can go wrong this line of thinking from Twitter's Jack Dorsey:

Is this guy fun to work with? Is he going to challenge us? Is he smart? This person was going to take a seat on the board. I viewed it as a hire that we could never fire.

VCs Blogging and Tweeting

Jeff Bussgang, whose blog has been a source of inspiration for me over the years, has a post on VCs blogging.  There seems to be a bit of controversy over the issue, as you can see in the comments of the post, and its re-blogs at PEHub and Business Week.

As a VC who blogs and tweets, let me come out with my reasons.

  1. Record of Thoughts: My blog is a personal note pad.  I find it useful to be able to browse over a record, albeit public, of my thoughts on certain topics and how they have evolved over time.
  2. Discussion Arena: I use Sortipreneur, even with its small audience, as a useful discussion environment.  Through my blog and my tweets, I am able to interact with a community where many members are smarter than me.  I use it to ask questions, test ideas and, sometimes, provoke.
  3. Newsfeed: My blog often works as the News tab for me.  I use it to announce investments, events, etc. that may be relevant or interesting to the Turkish startup community.
  4. Education: Probably the most selfish reason for my blog is that it helps me educate my consitutents and help me do my job easier.  I can communicate what type of deals I am interested in, the VC structure, the deal process, etc.

After about four and a half years of blogging, I can say I have benefited a lot from the activity. I beleive ideas grow thorough sharing and a blog is a great vehicle for that.