VCs Blogging and Tweeting

Jeff Bussgang, whose blog has been a source of inspiration for me over the years, has a post on VCs blogging.  There seems to be a bit of controversy over the issue, as you can see in the comments of the post, and its re-blogs at PEHub and Business Week.

As a VC who blogs and tweets, let me come out with my reasons.

  1. Record of Thoughts: My blog is a personal note pad.  I find it useful to be able to browse over a record, albeit public, of my thoughts on certain topics and how they have evolved over time.
  2. Discussion Arena: I use Sortipreneur, even with its small audience, as a useful discussion environment.  Through my blog and my tweets, I am able to interact with a community where many members are smarter than me.  I use it to ask questions, test ideas and, sometimes, provoke.
  3. Newsfeed: My blog often works as the News tab for me.  I use it to announce investments, events, etc. that may be relevant or interesting to the Turkish startup community.
  4. Education: Probably the most selfish reason for my blog is that it helps me educate my consitutents and help me do my job easier.  I can communicate what type of deals I am interested in, the VC structure, the deal process, etc.

After about four and a half years of blogging, I can say I have benefited a lot from the activity. I beleive ideas grow thorough sharing and a blog is a great vehicle for that.

9 thoughts on “VCs Blogging and Tweeting

  1. Thanks for the kind comments and the expansion of the points I tried to make in my blog. Your point about learning from your audience is a great one – I should definitely have included that! Keep up the great work! Good to know that I have a friend in Turkey. 🙂


  2. @bussgang – thank you. – I’m keeping your spam comment on my blog with the hope that the negative words in the turkish section below hurt your google juice. diye bir web sitesi utanmadan bloguma spam comment yapmış. kalitesiz ve kötü bir bilgi kaynağı olduğuna bu sayede kanaat getirdim. bu tür pazarlama metodlarını hırsızlıkla bir tutuyorum.’u kullanmamanızı rica ediyorum.


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