NuBridge Venture Summit – A Turkish Internet Milestone

Newbridge I blogged about the NuBridge Venture Summit (and the preceding NuBridge Angel Summit, which took place last week and was extremely successful) last week.  However, as we are about to kick off this event, I believe it's such an important event for the Turkish internet industry, that I wanted to blog about it again, this time in a dedicated post.

PamirgelenbeThe organizer of the event, Pamir Gelenbe, is London-based VC with Turkish roots.  He approached me with the idea that a TechTour-style mini-conference would make sense for the Turkish market, while we collaborated on the European Tech Tour's Web & Mobility Summit back in November.  I thought it was a great idea and said that we'd support the event.

 In the following months Pamir worked hard at putting together an event that now has such a spectacular line up of participants that my expectations are far exceeded.

The event's format is primarily short presentations by leading Turkish internet companies, interspersed with panel discussions by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.  There will be networking opportunities that will allow participants to connect and hopefully, a few funding deals will emerge from the event.

As with all events of this type, the critical success factor is who the attendees are.  On that front, Pamir has done an excellent job and has lined up the following participants, each of whom play an important role in global venture capital:

  • 3TS
  • Accel
  • Acton Capital
  • BakerMcKenzie
  • Big Bang Ventures
  • Endeavour Vision
  • General Atlantic
  • Golden Horn Ventures
  • Holtzbrinck
  • Index Ventures
  • Sardis Capital
  • TA Asociates
  • Tiger Global
  • Tomorrow Focus AG
  • Ventech
  • Wellington Partners

For the event to accomplish its mission, an investor list of this caliber would have to be met with a local internet company line-up of equal strength.  On that end, the event boasts a who's who of Turkish internet sector:

  • Airties
  • befunky
  • Digitouch
  • Dogan Online
  • Doktorsitesi
  • Ebi
  • e-kolay
  • enuygun
  • Euromessage
  • Gamesultan
  • Gelirortaklari
  • Hitay
  • limango
  • Magnet
  • Mynet
  • Nokta
  • Sanalika
  • Sporx
  • Tasit
  • Vatan Bilgisayar
  • Yogurt

I am very confident that this event will be looked upon as a unique milestone in the development of the Turkish internet industry.  We are very proud to have our portfolio companies (befunky, and Yogurt for GHV and for me) presenting, and to have had the opportunity to support this event as a sponsor.

Istanbul on the VC Map

Nubridgevetureslogo There are two very important events that will take place in Istanbul over the next couple of weeks. 

First is the NuBridge Angel Summit, organized by my friend Pamir Gelenbe, who's a London-based VC of Turkish origin.  The event brings to Istanbul a group of world-class angel investors, including:

I am also participating in the event, which will take place on January 14 & 15.  It should provide an excellent venue for Turkish internet ventures looking for angel backing.

The second event is the NuBridge Istanbul VC Summit, scheduled for January 21 & 22, which we're proud to sponsor as GHV.  I think this event will be an important milestone in the development path of the Turkish Venture Capital industry.  The event's format will resemble that of the European Tech Tour Association's events, in that a group of top-tier VCs from around the world will get a chance to meet a select group of Turkish internet and technology companies.  You can find a list of participants at the event's website and Çağlar Erol's blog (in Turkish).

I am especially excited to have a few of our GHV portfolio companies (, beFunky, Yogurtistan), as well as a personal investment of mine (, presenting.

If you are interested in being associated with either event, please contact Pamir through the event website, although I understand that attendance will be extremely tight due to space constraints.